Virtual Tours

Client Dashboard Launched

Southeastern 360 has just launched a client dashboard providing real-time virtual tour statistical data.  YOU (our client) can now login and view how long viewers (your client) are looking at your virtual tours.  In the above screenshot you will notice the YTD statistical data provided where users spent almost a FULL MINUTE AND A HALF looking at a single virtual […]

Inaugural Condo-Con at Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL

I want to thank EVERYONE who put this inaugural Condo-Con even on.  This event allowed the vendors such as myself the opportunity to speak directly with the condo owners.  Typically we sell our services to the property managers who make the decision for the owners; but this was different.

We showcased our new client dashboard and received EXCELLENT feedback.  Thanks for […]

Increase sales. Gain customer loyalty. Operate more efficiently.

Against a backdrop of fierce competition and economic pressures, achieving competitive advantage and sustainability has become increasingly more challenging for rental property managers. In order to create customer value to achieve differentiation, rental property owners and managers must find avenues for setting themselves apart from competitors and gaining the “eye” of the consumer. Utilizing virtual tours extends beyond the sheer […]